Halloween Quilt – “Spectre-acular”

Get it? “Spectre-acular?” Spectacular? Don’t worry, I’m okay with being the only one to find that funny.

I’ve just finished a wonderfully-timed theme quilt to get in the Halloween spirit. I used a new pattern (for me)- the disappearing 4-patch- to create this quilt. It  is such a quick and easy block,  it didn’t take me very long at all. I managed to get the whole top put together in just over a week to send off to the quilters. (I did work on it each night, however.)

I created this quilt on a whim, too! I was in JoAnn Fabrics for something else (can’t even remember what) when I saw that the Halloween fabric was 40% off. (This was back sometime in August – they are no longer on sale.)


Sample block.

I got a half-yard of 10 different fabrics; I specifically tried to find prints that were either mostly orange or mostly black. (Included in those 10 were a half-yard each of solid black and orange.) Cutting each half-yard into 5 inch blocks, I made piles of each fabric and put them together in a simple 4-patch block. Then, I cut horizontally and vertically twice, each an inch away on either side of the middle seam. The hardest part of this quilt was stopping the fabric from moving when I moved the ruler. Then I flipped the little cut pieces and put them all back together (keeping the center square where it is. I always pressed towards the black fabric so that when I was putting the blocks back together the seams nestled neatly together.

I wish I had taken some more pictures of this process! Next time.

For the backing I chose a orange, light purple, and black plaid print. I was waffling between the plaid and glow in the dark bats, but for some reason the plaid was different enough from what you normally see in Halloween prints that I had to do it, and I’m so glad I did! I machine bound it using solid black. I was tempted to use orange thread to bind it, but my binding isn’t always perfect, so I held off this time. I was able to create 4 perfect corners this time, however, so that’s a plus!

For the quilting, I really love the pattern I picked out. Originally it was going to be witches’ hats, then bats, but then I saw the ghosts. (If I had seen one for pumpkins I probably would have picked that one.) I fell in love! Super cute!


I absolutely love how it came out! It really feels like Halloween with it around. I’ve got lots more quilts out at the quilters right now, so hopefully soon I’ll have some more to share! Next weekend I’ll be making a post about different ways to display your quilts at home.

Also, does anyone have any idea why some of my pictures are showing up blurry when there’s more than one? Are they blurry on your screens, or is it just on mine? If you click on them to load, they sharpen up, but the snapshots are blurry. It’s driving me batty! (HAH- admit it, that one was funny.)

Halloween Table Runner


I’ve had this table runner in my stash for a long time (for me, anyways). I’ve always put it off because applique is just not my thing. (I’m taking a workshop to learn more in November, though!!)


Excuse the messy dining room table/sewing table.

Well, my quilt guild is doing a UFO project, and since this was begun but not completed, I pulled it out and got to work. I did a raw edge blanket stitch for the applique, so it’s a little messier than it’s supposed to be. BUT, I think I actually like it a little bit better that way, if only because I think the occasional stray thread adds instead of detracts. (Look at me, justifying my inexperience away!)

Plus, I had NO IDEA how to do the bat, otherwise. Soooo yeah. That’s how it happened. And since I’m keeping it, nobody else has to look at it but me. And my husband. And anyone who comes to visit. SO basically no one!

I do really like how it turned out, however. I think it’s really cute, and I love the purple borders to the green background of the words. I wish it was closer to October, so I could just put it out.

I’ve been working on my photography, and I’ve had a lot of wonderful pointers, so I’m putting together a post of tips for photographing quilts and editing said photographs. It’s going to be a list of “Hey, here’s what you SHOULD do, not that I’m able to!”

It’s a work in progress, for me. Slowly hoping I get better. Eventually. Maybe in 10 years I’ll look back on these posts and laugh at how unbearably AWFUL I was at photography. Because I’ll be great. Or at least much better.

Y’know what? I don’t care if it is only just September. I’m putting it out now. Happy Halloween!