Ambleside Picnic- a 4 year old UFO done!

The Ambleside fabric collection came out in 2015. I loved it and immediately bought myself a layer cake of it. I tried out one of the quilt postcards you see floating around. It was the perfect pattern for a beginner like me at the time- I had just started quilting in earnest for about a year by this point. The pattern is made up of squares and HSTs, and it came together quickly and easily.

mvimg_20190608_1350362-1Full of soft florals and plaids, I absolutely adore the overall look of the quilt. It’s springy and feminine, which was perfect for our current time of year. I added a pink border to pull out more of the pinks (which were my favorite in this quilt).

However, once I finished the top, I put it aside with the intention to have it quilted soon- but then life and other quilts got in the way and I forgot about it. Until this year, when I saw it peeking out from underneath my fallen leaves quilt top.

It was like finding a whole new quilt! I sent it off with the falling leaves quilt to get quilted at the same time.

I chose a GORGEOUS edge to edge pattern full of loops and swirls and circles that did a wonderful job showing off the happy, whimsical fabric. For the backing, I used a light blue wide-back fabric that I got from Connecting Threads. I used it for the binding too.

Also, I *love* the look of a contrasting binding and border. Especially pink and blue. Is that just me? It almost looks like there’s a second border.

I decided this quilt was perfect for a friend of mine I met last year when we moved to our new place. Over the time I’ve known her, she has been such a great friend and a huge help; picking up my son or dropping him off at preschool, watching my daughter when I was parent helper, being a friend when I needed one… the list goes on. It’s a wonderful coincidence that she has a daughter L’s age who will be in his grade next year as he enters Kindergarten.

I really love this quilt. It’s soft pastels made it really hard to give away as a gift, even to someone as deserving as my friend. But I really wanted to give her something special, not anything run-of-the-mill for everything she’s helped me with. I’m happy it’s with a friend and now I can start another one!

Work in Progress and a visit to Quilt-n-Bee

Even though I have been away from home for almost three weeks by now, I have managed to keep working on a Farfalle quilt that I brought with me. As you know, my stepmother-mother-in-law is the one who got me into quilting, and she was kind enough to let me use her sewing machine to put together all the blocks I had.

IMG_0104I am very excited about this quit. When it is finally done, it will be the first ever Queen-sized quilt that I have made. The orginal Farfalle pattern is smaller than this – it is 6 blocks square, and measures about 48”x48”. It calls for two charm packs. For me, I purchased one Ambleside layer cake and cut it up into 5” squares so I could double the pattern. Currently, it measures 64” x 72”.

I’m going to add two borders to this- one 2” one in one of the Ambleside fabrics, and one 5” border in white to help tie it all together. Does anyone have a thought about what fabric I should choose?

I picked out this pattern because I looked at it and I could see the blocks and assumed “Well, this should be fast and easy!” …Yeah… It was relatively easy, but cutting and piecing together 84 blocks was not at all fast. But it was relatively easy for a beginner like me, so that’s good, I guess.

IMG_0100 IMG_0107 IMG_0101

Also, while up in Traverse City, we stopped by one other quilt store that was absolutely darling. It is a mother and daughter owned store called Quilt-n-Bee. They are an absolutely adorable quilt store.


The store is a beautiful, clean space that I especially like because of how clean and open the store is. Unlike a lot of quilt stores, there isn’t a lot of stuff in there, and while it does mean that the fabric selection isn’t as extensive as some stores, it also isn’t overwhelming. It is very easy to see from one side of the store to the other side, and its a more restful feeling than some stores you walk into.

20150626_164253  20150626_164706

Although their fabric selection wasn’t quite as impressive as other places, it did have quite a few kits available. They had quilts, some bags, and even some doll clothes.

20150626_164625 20150626_164614 20150626_164554

One thing I liked was that they had quite a few alternatives to just shelves for displaying their product. They had items like a rocking chair, a fireplace, a dresser… all of these I thought were adorable and brought a sense of being “home” instead of being at a store.

20150626_164641 20150626_164212 20150626_164436

I’d definitely recommend stopping by if you ever find yourself up in the Traverse City area; I also picked up their row-by-row for my Michigan Row by row quilt. (It doesn’t have the cherry border, but all the rest is there.)


Have a great week!