End of the Rainbow

This was a scrap quilt made with leftovers from another quilt (that I have yet to get quilted haha). I was able to finish the binding in time to take some truly gorgeous photos with the cherry trees outside, and I love them.



I’ve long admired the Irish Chain quilts I’ve seen; I’ve loved their simplicity. And so when I realized I had enough scraps for my very own Irish Chain quilt… I simply had to. I designed it on EQ7 first, and then cut out the pieces for it.

It was so much fun. I really wanted it scrappy, so instead of doing long strips and cutting pieces out that way I did it individual piece by piece. Took a lot longer this way but I’m happy with how it turned out. I did decide however to not go with a white border around it and just went with the Irish Chain

img_1708I got the backing from Joann’s with a coupon so the cost was quite reasonable, which made me happy since it was a scrappy quilt. However, this batik is so bright and colorful; I think it really goes well with the quilt overall. It makes it so happy! I love the colors of pink/orange/yellow together, so this was absolutely perfect for me.


The quilting is adorable little flowers and bees. It’s pretty simple, and the layout of the quilt means that quite a few bees and flowers are framed in the centers of the chain links.

While taking pictures it was quite windy, so in order to get the whole quilt I had to lay it out on the ground. It worked pretty well, actually, and I was able to get the whole quilt in. But I’m short, so it’s on an angle. Still, I love it!

Only a couple more days until the end of the week! Thank goodness!

365 Challenge – Week 9

Do you remember when I was shocked to be working with pieces as small as 1”? Now imagine how HAPPY I am when I get to do easy measurements like that.

I know I said I was going to go to a bi-monthly (every other week) post for the 365 Challenge quilt blocks, but I can’t. Besides, I’ve started doing a block a day instead of 7 on Fridays so they were ready for pictures and a blog post today.

Plus, this week I got to make the CENTER MEDALLION block, and I really wanted to show it off.

img_1752To make this center medallion block, I first drew it up using EQ7 and tried a BUNCH of different color combos to find one I liked. I finally settled on using pink, blue, and purple with some teal. My most recent quilt may have had a small influence on the colors.

Then I played around with which color went where. In total, the design alone took about an hour. Then, same night, I cut out all the pieces. That way, the next night when I went to piece them all together it went really quickly. This one took me the longest (which only makes sense since it was waaaaay bigger) but I like it the best out of all the ones I’ve made so far- which is a good thing, since it will be in the CENTER OF THE QUILT.

The center block was a doozy for one reason only; it required measurements to the 16th of an inch. So things like 3 5/16, or 1 15/16 of an inch… my rulers don’t even have that marked! I had to GUESS. Do you know how SCARY that is for a quilter? I DON’T ESTIMATE, PEOPLE.

But, surprisingly enough, it worked out just fine. (Somehow.) The pieces came together nicely, and even my points were pretty… well, on point.

Here’s the other blocks (including the center) for week 9. We’ve now done two whole months and have finished 63 blocks! (Crazy!)

Days 4 & 5 have the same colors because we used the scraps from day 4 for day 5. I love using up scraps, which is why I save most of them from this quilt for use in later blocks. I figure, since there are so many small pieces, that I’ll be able to use them later on!

If you’d like to join, it isn’t too late! Click here to go directly to the block instruction page!

I’m still trying to keep up with the Solstice Challenge, but between this 365 challenge and the fact that I need to make two baby quilts and a commission I’m finding that that is the project falling by the wayside, sadly. I’m only two weeks behind (HAH) so hopefully I can rectify that sometime soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!







Jeweled Mariposa Quilt

Story time! img_1676

One of the things I’ve really started to love doing is photographing my quilts in really pretty locations. And we have cherry trees right outside our apartment. This past week or so, due to the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here, they have been in full, fantastic bloom. All week I’ve been telling my husband, “These would be so pretty to use as a backdrop to photograph quilts with!”

Luckily, I just recently got two back from the long arm quilter, and all I needed to do was bind them. But I was so tired Friday night that all I managed to do was cut the strips for binding and not much else.

Well, I woke up Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. and realized that at 9:45 there was supposed to be thunderstorms rolling through, and that they would probably strip the cherry trees of their gorgeous blossoms. So I spent the next two and a half hours binding the quilts, and got them done by 9:45 to take pictures of them out by the cherry trees! Unfortunately, it was pretty windy out, so sometimes we had to lay the quilts on the ground instead of holding them up. But I absolutely LOVE how the pictures turned out!

img_1684This quilt was a purchase during a stressful time. But the colors absolutely pulled at me. I love the jewel tones of purple, blue, and green. The main fabric (center panel) in the quilt is so gorgeous and soft I want to cuddle in this quilt and never get out again. I really enjoy the way the black background enhances the colors; really makes them “pop”.

Also, by the way, “Mariposa” means butterfly in Spanish.

This quilt was supposed to have black for the binding, but I had put the quilt top together up in Michigan over the holidays and accidentally left the binding strips up there. Luckily, I had bought enough backing to make binding strips from it, and I’m actually MUCH happier with it this way! It looks like another border; and I really think it works with the rest of the quilt.

I bought a TON of King Tut variegated thread to use for the quilting (which is, of course, butterflies), but because I didn’t know how much to buy I way overbought. Now I have 5.5 spools of unused King Tut variegated thread.

Oh well, guess I’ll have to make another jewel quilt! Darn.

Also, just LOOK at that backing fabric. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!

See you soon!

365 Challenge – Weeks 7 & 8

I think I’m going to move the weekly post to bi-monthly and just do two weeks at a time. Y’know. To keep it a little easier. We’ll see. Things have been really crazy, so I think I’m going to try to do these blocks each day they come up, instead of all at the end of the week. That being said, I’m done with weeks 7 and 8! It is absolutely CRAZY how fast time is flying by.

Whew! Week 7 was a bit difficult. And it’s not because the blocks were hard- they were actually pretty straightforward. My issue has lain with the fact that this week I was getting into the groove of things and did NOT read the directions the whole way first. I assumed I knew what to do based just on the cutting directions and the picture.

Learned my lesson. Read the directions first. I’m probably going to wind up redoing the first two blocks later on, but for now… I have a lot on my plate! I’ll tell you about it later.

Week 7

For week 8, the very first day had a bit of a snafu- when I clicked on the directions, it gave me the directions to sew it together but no directions on what to cut! I wound up figuring it out, but it took me a little bit. I’m super excited, because (spoiler alert) Week 9 contains the center block, and I am SUPER stoked about how it’s turning out!

Week 8

Remember how I said I had a lot on my plate? In the next month I need to complete the following: bind three quilts, put sleeves on two of them for our local guild quilt show, create two baby quilts, and a really cute dog quilt commission. So I have to really work to get these done!

Here’s the complete collection so far!

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. 2017.

Have I said how much I love this quilt show? Because I do. For the past two years, as soon as I know the date I take the day off ahead of time so I can ride down to the show with my quilting friends on a big tour bus (scheduled through our local quilt shop). It’s a 2.5 hour one-way trip, but it is so worth it!

Chatting on the bus with friends on the way there, and then showing off our buys on the way back is a fantastic way to pass the time. My scores? I bought some new materials to branch off into the wholly unknown (until now) world of crazy quilting. My friend promised to help, so I won’t be COMPLETELY on my own for this foray into crazy town!

This post, unlike last year, will DEFINITELY not be as picture heavy. I had an absolute blast with friends and because my phone hadn’t charged overnight the night before, it didn’t allow me too many pictures before I had to turn it off. Here are the ones I did manage to get. There were some absolutely breathtaking quilts there this year! Someday, I hope to be able to manage this level of mastery. Some day, really, REALLY far off.

(FYI- clicking on the photograph gives you a closeup, so you can see everything in way more detail!)

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, which is why posts have been scarce this week. But I just finished two quilts and I’m hoping to get my 365 Weeks 7&8 up tomorrow, so we have that to look forward to as well! God knows when I’ll manage to get my Solstice Challenge blocks up. I have last week’s done but I have yet to do the most recent block.

There are two baby quilts that need making, and a friend of mine just commissioned an adorable doggy quilt, which I will be getting fabric for today. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

My very first T-Shirt Quilt!

I’d always heard that T-Shirt Quilts were a pain in the ass to make. And so when I had a friend ask if anyone could make her a t-shirt quilt, I almost didn’t say anything. Almost.

Buuuuut I can’t resist. So I received about 25 shirts from her and picked out the best 16 of them. Out of the 16 I picked, 8 had little images on the front as well, so I cut those out and made a little throw pillow out of them too.

For the interfacing I used Pellon 911f (lightweight), and it worked great! The quilt really turned out beautifully. I had a bunch of time during an unexpected snow day we had back in January, and the quilt came together so quickly! I picked up some heavier fabric from JoAnns to go with it, which really turned out well because it worked well with the interfacing on the shirts.

img_1547I kept the design simple because this was my very first time attempting a t-shirt quilt and I didn’t want to mess it up.

So for this one it’s a simple 4×4 grid. But I love how this layout really emphasizes the shirts! In keeping with that theme the quilting is light purple and a simple loop.

I’m happy to report the recipient was very pleased with the final product!


Now that I know I can do this, I will definitely be saving my kiddo’s shirts for blankets. Probably 1 from each year. It was actually quite a bit of fun (although I’ve heard the worst part is the actual quilting, which I did “outsource” to a longarmer).


Solstice Challenge – Week 8

Woo! Our first block larger than 12 inches! This block will be the yellow one on the top right in the asymmetrical layout, apparently.  (If you forgot what that looks like, wander over to THIS post for a quick refresher!)


I did stop by my local quilt shop and pick up a few more fat quarters. I will probably be stopping by there again, since this block used up almost all of 3 of the new ones. When I was at my LQS, one thing I really tried to grab was fabric that wasn’t quite as busy, so that going forward my blocks can be a little bit calmer- and hopefully the design will be a little bit more clear.

These new fabric additions to the pile available to me has renewed my excitement for this quilt. For awhile, I was getting down on it because I really did not like how my blocks were turning out. Maybe I should go back and redo some of the worst ones… we’ll see. In all my copious spare time I’ve got.

img_1590This one I decided to really break from the mold; instead of doing pink or green I decided to do blue and white. And in the pattern for the blocks I used the white as the “dark” fabric, and the blue as the “light” fabric.

Also, I absolutely love the applique hearts in the middle! The smallest one was the PERFECT size to get some koi and turtles in there. Love it!!

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day! I have a table runner for my next post that is even more VDay related than this one (‘cuz this one had the heart, so it works!) but I haven’t finished binding it yet so I can’t take pictures. Whatever, as long as it’s in February, right?

I’m also going to create a couple “Beginning Quilting” posts. Topics will range from a list of all materials you NEED to quilt (easily) to tips and tricks of the trade, and even tips for taking decent photos of your quilts! (I’m not a professional photographer by ANY means, but my photos ARE getting better… so, y’know.) I’m excited to put those out. Maybe on Thursdays?