Longarm Services

Why send your quilt to be long armed?


My longarm machine can create more precise stitches than I ever could! Perfect circles, the pointest of points, gorgeous feathers; anything is possible! (Even a free-standing octopus, if that’s what you desire!)


Let’s face it- as much as we love quilting, hunched over our machines at home quilting can be a huge pain. A pain in the back, neck, hands… you get where I’m going. Longarming allows you a hassle-free (and pain-free) way to finish your quilt perfectly!


“Timing is everything.” Your time is worth a lot! Using my machine, your quilt will be finished much more quickly than if you had to fight it through your domestic machine at home. Average turn around time is 7-10 days!

I’m ready!


Cost for Edge to Edge: starts at $0.018 per square inch, minimum of $50 for any quilt. Most patterns I have will stay at this price, unless it is very complex.

Cost for Custom/Combination of Custom and Edge to Edge: starts at $0.025 per square inch, minimum of $50.

Additional costs: (May not apply to your order)

  • Needle and Thread Fee: Flat fee of $5.
  • Batting: I have available both 80/20 blend, and 100% cotton. I charge $0.27 per linear inch, and always cut 8 inches more than the shortest side to ensure enough space.
  • Machine binding back to front: $0.20 per inch.
  • Custom PS design: $20/hour.
  • Backing seam: $15.00
  • Most thread colors are included in the price. (Metallic, special-order variegated, etc. are an additional fee.)
  • Jump the line: Additional 25% of total quilting fee- this means I will move your quilt to the front of the line! Great for last minute finishes.

I can quilt just about any design you have in mind. I already have a large design library from you to choose from, but if none of them suit you, you’re welcome to find a design you DO love. I will bill you $10 towards the design. If you can’t find anything that strikes your fancy, let’s talk and I’d be happy to try and design it for you myself!

To take a look at what I have, feel free to look at my design catalog here.

If you’d like to find a different design, Urban Elementz and My Creative Stitches are both great resources!


Curious about how it will go? Here’s a rough timeline.

  • You have a wonderful quilt top and backing (possibly batting too!) that you’re ready to get finished
  • You fill out the contact form by clicking the button above
  • I contact you to discuss specifics
  • We arrange to meet, or you mail your top and backing to me
  • I quilt your quilt (with progress photos!)
  • I send you an invoice
  • You pay it
  • I drop your quilt in your hands or in the mail
  • Repeat!

Sending in a Quilt Top

When you’re ready to send in your quilt:

  • Snip all excess threads.
  • Iron the top and backing thoroughly.
  • Make sure batting and backing are at least 4 inches longer than the quilt top on all four sides.
  • Top should be squared and pressed.
  • Mark the top of the quilt and backing if you have a preference.

Turnaround time (for edge-to-edge) is 7-10 days from arrival of the quilt and agreement of details (design, thread color, etc); if you need it faster please let me know! Once I receive your quilt I will contact you to discuss design, thread, and additional choices if needed.


Your backing needs to be at least 4 inches longer than your quilt top on all four sides. For example, if you had a top that was 64” x 72”, your backing should be (at a minimum) 72” x 80”. The machine needs that extra space to attach to the leaders and enders, as well as for test stitching for tension. If you’d like your backing oriented a certain way, feel free to mark the top of both quilt and backing with painters tape.

Questions? Concerns?

That’s great! I love chatting about quilts. Send me an email at lemonquilts@gmail.com and lets talk!