img_10621Hello! Welcome to Lemon Quilts.

My journey into quilting began in 2013, and since then I’ve been challenging myself and learning new things. I love working with fabric, from cutting to piecing to quilting, and consider my quilting a never-ending journey in learning.

I’ve been creating custom quilts by commission since 2014, and always enjoy the process to creating something special for someone, whether it’s an animal quilt or a memory T-shirt quilt. 

I’m also able to professionally long arm your quilt top to help create something special. I can do either edge-to-edge, or I’m happy to create a custom design especially for you!

(For more day-to-day updates on my sewing adventure, check out my Instagram page, lemon_quilts, or my facebook page.)

8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Bobbie Ulibarri 303-895-9618 says:

    Would you consider making a 106″ x 90″ Rainbow Bargello or Happy Accident Quilt on commission? I love those! Thank you!


  2. Pam Carter-Wiley says:

    Hi! Saw a comment on your Long arm service in my Memory Makers Quilt Guild newsletter. I’d like to know what you would charge for basting a quilt sandwich, 94 X 71. I want to quilt it myself. It will have large pieced Dresden “beach umbrellas “ appliqués on top of the pieced rectangles sandwich. Also I live in Stow. Where are you?


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