Solstice Challenge – Week 8

Woo! Our first block larger than 12 inches! This block will be the yellow one on the top right in the asymmetrical layout, apparently.  (If you forgot what that looks like, wander over to THIS post for a quick refresher!)


I did stop by my local quilt shop and pick up a few more fat quarters. I will probably be stopping by there again, since this block used up almost all of 3 of the new ones. When I was at my LQS, one thing I really tried to grab was fabric that wasn’t quite as busy, so that going forward my blocks can be a little bit calmer- and hopefully the design will be a little bit more clear.

These new fabric additions to the pile available to me has renewed my excitement for this quilt. For awhile, I was getting down on it because I really did not like how my blocks were turning out. Maybe I should go back and redo some of the worst ones… we’ll see. In all my copious spare time I’ve got.

img_1590This one I decided to really break from the mold; instead of doing pink or green I decided to do blue and white. And in the pattern for the blocks I used the white as the “dark” fabric, and the blue as the “light” fabric.

Also, I absolutely love the applique hearts in the middle! The smallest one was the PERFECT size to get some koi and turtles in there. Love it!!

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day! I have a table runner for my next post that is even more VDay related than this one (‘cuz this one had the heart, so it works!) but I haven’t finished binding it yet so I can’t take pictures. Whatever, as long as it’s in February, right?

I’m also going to create a couple “Beginning Quilting” posts. Topics will range from a list of all materials you NEED to quilt (easily) to tips and tricks of the trade, and even tips for taking decent photos of your quilts! (I’m not a professional photographer by ANY means, but my photos ARE getting better… so, y’know.) I’m excited to put those out. Maybe on Thursdays?

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