The 365 Challenge – Week 5 & 6

So I was sick last week, and because of that I wasn’t able to get my blocks done in time to put them up before my week got started. So this week I’ve had to play a little bit of catch up.

Week 5 slowly had us using smaller and smaller HST’s… and more of them. The toughest block of that week was day 6- I had to create and sew together twenty 1” (unfinished) HST units. (Meaning they came out at 1/2” finished.) Luckily, I had cleaned between the feed dogs finally, so the seams went through the machine much more easily than they had previously. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad! I just had to take my time.

The last day of week 5 introduced us to a new technique. We made a HST but then put another square on top. This would lead to the classic quarter square triangle blocks (QSTs). My favorite of this week was day 3. I just love these colors together.

Week 5:

Week 6 was all about QSTs. We made several fun blocks, including a new favorite of mine, The Ohio Star block. Actually, my favorite block of the week was the Chained Ohio Star (the purple and yellow one).

Week 6 blocks:

At this point, we have made 42 blocks. Still more than 300 to go! (323, to be exact.) They all look good together, though!

As always, you can find the 365 Challenge at or just click here to go straight to the blocks.

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