365 Challenge – Weeks 7 & 8

I think I’m going to move the weekly post to bi-monthly and just do two weeks at a time. Y’know. To keep it a little easier. We’ll see. Things have been really crazy, so I think I’m going to try to do these blocks each day they come up, instead of all at the end of the week. That being said, I’m done with weeks 7 and 8! It is absolutely CRAZY how fast time is flying by.

Whew! Week 7 was a bit difficult. And it’s not because the blocks were hard- they were actually pretty straightforward. My issue has lain with the fact that this week I was getting into the groove of things and did NOT read the directions the whole way first. I assumed I knew what to do based just on the cutting directions and the picture.

Learned my lesson. Read the directions first. I’m probably going to wind up redoing the first two blocks later on, but for now… I have a lot on my plate! I’ll tell you about it later.

Week 7

For week 8, the very first day had a bit of a snafu- when I clicked on the directions, it gave me the directions to sew it together but no directions on what to cut! I wound up figuring it out, but it took me a little bit. I’m super excited, because (spoiler alert) Week 9 contains the center block, and I am SUPER stoked about how it’s turning out!

Week 8

Remember how I said I had a lot on my plate? In the next month I need to complete the following: bind three quilts, put sleeves on two of them for our local guild quilt show, create two baby quilts, and a really cute dog quilt commission. So I have to really work to get these done!

Here’s the complete collection so far!

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show 2017

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. 2017.

Have I said how much I love this quilt show? Because I do. For the past two years, as soon as I know the date I take the day off ahead of time so I can ride down to the show with my quilting friends on a big tour bus (scheduled through our local quilt shop). It’s a 2.5 hour one-way trip, but it is so worth it!

Chatting on the bus with friends on the way there, and then showing off our buys on the way back is a fantastic way to pass the time. My scores? I bought some new materials to branch off into the wholly unknown (until now) world of crazy quilting. My friend promised to help, so I won’t be COMPLETELY on my own for this foray into crazy town!

This post, unlike last year, will DEFINITELY not be as picture heavy. I had an absolute blast with friends and because my phone hadn’t charged overnight the night before, it didn’t allow me too many pictures before I had to turn it off. Here are the ones I did manage to get. There were some absolutely breathtaking quilts there this year! Someday, I hope to be able to manage this level of mastery. Some day, really, REALLY far off.

(FYI- clicking on the photograph gives you a closeup, so you can see everything in way more detail!)

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, which is why posts have been scarce this week. But I just finished two quilts and I’m hoping to get my 365 Weeks 7&8 up tomorrow, so we have that to look forward to as well! God knows when I’ll manage to get my Solstice Challenge blocks up. I have last week’s done but I have yet to do the most recent block.

There are two baby quilts that need making, and a friend of mine just commissioned an adorable doggy quilt, which I will be getting fabric for today. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

My very first T-Shirt Quilt!

I’d always heard that T-Shirt Quilts were a pain in the ass to make. And so when I had a friend ask if anyone could make her a t-shirt quilt, I almost didn’t say anything. Almost.

Buuuuut I can’t resist. So I received about 25 shirts from her and picked out the best 16 of them. Out of the 16 I picked, 8 had little images on the front as well, so I cut those out and made a little throw pillow out of them too.

For the interfacing I used Pellon 911f (lightweight), and it worked great! The quilt really turned out beautifully. I had a bunch of time during an unexpected snow day we had back in January, and the quilt came together so quickly! I picked up some heavier fabric from JoAnns to go with it, which really turned out well because it worked well with the interfacing on the shirts.

img_1547I kept the design simple because this was my very first time attempting a t-shirt quilt and I didn’t want to mess it up.

So for this one it’s a simple 4×4 grid. But I love how this layout really emphasizes the shirts! In keeping with that theme the quilting is light purple and a simple loop.

I’m happy to report the recipient was very pleased with the final product!


Now that I know I can do this, I will definitely be saving my kiddo’s shirts for blankets. Probably 1 from each year. It was actually quite a bit of fun (although I’ve heard the worst part is the actual quilting, which I did “outsource” to a longarmer).


Solstice Challenge – Week 8

Woo! Our first block larger than 12 inches! This block will be the yellow one on the top right in the asymmetrical layout, apparently.  (If you forgot what that looks like, wander over to THIS post for a quick refresher!)


I did stop by my local quilt shop and pick up a few more fat quarters. I will probably be stopping by there again, since this block used up almost all of 3 of the new ones. When I was at my LQS, one thing I really tried to grab was fabric that wasn’t quite as busy, so that going forward my blocks can be a little bit calmer- and hopefully the design will be a little bit more clear.

These new fabric additions to the pile available to me has renewed my excitement for this quilt. For awhile, I was getting down on it because I really did not like how my blocks were turning out. Maybe I should go back and redo some of the worst ones… we’ll see. In all my copious spare time I’ve got.

img_1590This one I decided to really break from the mold; instead of doing pink or green I decided to do blue and white. And in the pattern for the blocks I used the white as the “dark” fabric, and the blue as the “light” fabric.

Also, I absolutely love the applique hearts in the middle! The smallest one was the PERFECT size to get some koi and turtles in there. Love it!!

Anyways, happy Valentine’s Day! I have a table runner for my next post that is even more VDay related than this one (‘cuz this one had the heart, so it works!) but I haven’t finished binding it yet so I can’t take pictures. Whatever, as long as it’s in February, right?

I’m also going to create a couple “Beginning Quilting” posts. Topics will range from a list of all materials you NEED to quilt (easily) to tips and tricks of the trade, and even tips for taking decent photos of your quilts! (I’m not a professional photographer by ANY means, but my photos ARE getting better… so, y’know.) I’m excited to put those out. Maybe on Thursdays?

The 365 Challenge – Week 5 & 6

So I was sick last week, and because of that I wasn’t able to get my blocks done in time to put them up before my week got started. So this week I’ve had to play a little bit of catch up.

Week 5 slowly had us using smaller and smaller HST’s… and more of them. The toughest block of that week was day 6- I had to create and sew together twenty 1” (unfinished) HST units. (Meaning they came out at 1/2” finished.) Luckily, I had cleaned between the feed dogs finally, so the seams went through the machine much more easily than they had previously. Honestly, it wasn’t so bad! I just had to take my time.

The last day of week 5 introduced us to a new technique. We made a HST but then put another square on top. This would lead to the classic quarter square triangle blocks (QSTs). My favorite of this week was day 3. I just love these colors together.

Week 5:

Week 6 was all about QSTs. We made several fun blocks, including a new favorite of mine, The Ohio Star block. Actually, my favorite block of the week was the Chained Ohio Star (the purple and yellow one).

Week 6 blocks:

At this point, we have made 42 blocks. Still more than 300 to go! (323, to be exact.) They all look good together, though!

As always, you can find the 365 Challenge at https://www.365challenge.com.au/ or just click here to go straight to the blocks.


You’ve seen this one before. But now it’s done! Quilted, bound, and done! This one was so much fun- I designed it myself on my EQ7 software and then ordered the exact fabric line for it.

img_1492I call it heartbeat because the pulsing of the red and black reminds me of the pulsing of a heartbeat. Kinda lame name for such a cool looking quilt, but eeeeeh, what can you do? It really is what it reminds me of, and I just followed my heart on this.

For the quilt, I simply made a LOT of HSTs using a layer cake (and a couple extra prints since it was light on the reds) in the two-at-a-time method. I didn’t square them or trim them either. (I really, REALLY hate squaring up HSTs.)

I used the Weeds fabric line from Me and My Sister Designs. I love the little flowers and poppies in this fabric choice- and they fabric is  a wonderful quality- it really was a joy to work with!

I backed and bound heartbeat in bright red fabric and had it quilted using little curved rectangles and squares.

Heartbeat is up for sale and posted on my Etsy page.

Tomorrow is Friday! TGIF!


Solstice Challenge – Week 7

Week 7 is here and gone! Week 8 will be put up in two days. I can’t believe this year is going by so quickly!

img_1543My post is a day late due to me being sick on Friday and therefore getting no quilting done; normally I do all my weekly stuff on Friday evenings and instead I spent the whole day sleeping on the couch. I had absolutely no energy and no drive to do anything! I hate how being sick puts you on your butt.

But I did manage to get it done by the end of the weekend. So here’s the update! This one was a fun block. I think Pat Sloan called it Tidy Rows. You can click here for the link.

BUT! Perhaps the most exciting thing she shared last week was two possible layouts for the quilts! One is a simple symmetrical block-by-block layout with sashing between the blocks. The one I’m going to do is asymmetrical and SUPER exciting! (You can click here to see the whole post.)


I absolutely cannot wait! This is going to be a wonderfully scrappy-looking quilt! I’ll definitely have to pick up some more fat quarters for this. Probably some calmer fabrics for the backgrounds of the bigger blocks. Can’t wait!!

Kaffe Fassett Quilt- Sunshine Daisies

img_1501Yellow quilts. Never thought I’d make one. But one thing I’ve always wanted to do was to make a quilt using the over saturated fabrics from Kaffe Fassett. Last February, I went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show and there was a booth that sold pretty much exclusively K.Fassett fabrics. They also had a bunch of kits you could get that used his fabrics. I fell in love with one in particular, and when I had the choice of pinks/reds, green/blues, or yellows, I chose the yellows, weirdly enough.

And I am SO happy I did! I absolutely adore this quilt. The best part was that I found out that after quilt assembly, I had more than enough leftovers to make the baby size quilt too. (Which I did, and you can find here.)

img_1509For this quilt I did the same quilting pattern as the baby quilt- flowers. (I think they’re daisies? I don’t know, I’m a quilter, not a gardener!) Although this time I left the color choice up to my longarm quilter, and she sent me a special surprise- variegated thread! I’ve always wanted to use variegated thread in my quilts and this will be the first one! It’s a yellow/orange combo, and I am so over the moon happy!

The backing is a simple yellow that matched with the yellow in several blocks. THIS one I’m keeping for myself, since I talked myself into selling the baby quilt.

I love how happy, bright, and vibrant this quilt is. It’s perfect for those long days when you just want a bit of sunshine in your life! I’m calling it Sunshine Daisies. For pretty apparent reasons. Whelp, it’s almost Friday! Yay!