365 Challenge – Week 4

Yay! Week 4 out of 52 complete! Still loving this challenge. Still somehow on track and not falling behind. I bought a couple of Kona layer cakes in some colors I didn’t have very many of (or any) to supplement my supplies, and I’m REALLY enjoying the purple one I got!

So far, even though the HSTs have gotten down to 1 1/2”, I haven’t had too much trouble with them. Even though you’re working with units as small as 1”, it seriously hasn’t been as bad as I feared.

The biggest trouble I’m getting is from my machine. I’ve had issues with it being able to sew over some of the thicker seams, and so I went troubleshooting. I found out that not only can I clean my machine, but I’m supposed to replace the needle after every project or after every 8 hours of sewing. I did not know that, and so for the past (almost) three years, I’ve been using the same needle and I have NEVER cleaned my machine.

Needless to say, after doing both of those tasks my machine works a lot better- but the issue STILL isn’t fixed. Is it the size of the pieces I’m working on? Is it that the machine just can’t handle these thicker seams? The thread will bunch up because the feed dogs won’t pull it through, which makes the seams VERY bulky. Could it be that I need to clean the feed dogs? I’m so frustrated- it’s making sewing a lot less fun and a lot more frustrating. Thoughts?

Anyways, onto the blocks:

I just LOVE these. The last two are made with NO black- just a really dark purple and a really dark navy, respectively.

I can’t tell if January 27th or January 29th are my favorite. My husband also likes Jan 27th but he likes Jan 26th better than the last one. (I secretly call that one my Caution block).

The 365 Challenge has given me a wonderful chance to play with colors together- the challenge also gets me out of my comfort zone and forces me to play with color combos I normally wouldn’t put together. Like the third block this week- the red was leftover from the previous day and the green was something I grabbed randomly. Anyways, have a great week!

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