9 Patch and Fence Rails Quilt

So I’ve been desperately trying to practice my photography skills. Especially since I’ve been thinking of opening up an Etsy shop, and one of the biggest things they say can influence buyers are the photographs.

Well, spoiler alert: I suck at it still. BUT! I’m getting better! Relatively. Kinda.


Still not great. And I kinda like the angle of the quilt on top. It’s a little softer. But that was also before the top was quilted, so… I don’t know. I’m working on it, okay?! Still, I love the colors in this quilt, and I will continue to use it to refine my photography skills. I don’t have to be a master, but I do want to be good enough so my quilts look as good on the computer as they do in real life.

One thing I learned is that you have to take a LOT of photos. Like… 100+ photos. I’m still not there; I’m lucky if I get over 10. Part of that problem is that I make my husband come out with me and I’m worried about wearing out my “welcome” as well as his arms get tired. I really need to get a different way to display them.

Maybe someday I’ll put together a post about photography tips (not from me, from others!) for photographing quilts. But otherwise, enjoy your weekend!

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