Kaleidoscope Quilt

Here’s a quilt I made from another kit I picked up from Connecting Threads. No particular reason for it except that I absolutely LOVE this fabric. It is so vibrant and colorful! It was a great project to work on over the winter months. This quilt actually happened during last winter’s huge snowfall down in Virginia, when we got anywhere between 18 and 24 inches of snow.


I’m so happy to finally have it done. It was probably the most intensive quilt I’ve done so far, if only because of all the piecing the quilt required. It was the longest yet I’ve spent on a quilt as far as time goes, simply because of all that I had to do!

Surprisingly, however, most of the quilt fit together quite nicely, so that was a pleasant surprise! There was only one part, one of the borders, that turned out to be about half an inch/three quarters of an inch too short. Of course it was the VERY LAST THING I had to put on the quilt before sending it off to be quilted. But I made it work, and now you can hardly tell.

I really, REALLY love this quilt. Originally I made it to try and maybe sell on Etsy, but now I’m not sure I can! To be fair, this happens with almost every quilt I make. I finish making it, and I’m all “Oooh, but I really like this quilt… maybe I’ll keep it.” And then my husband just gives me a look. And I sigh. Maybe nobody will buy it, and then I can just say I tried and keep it anyways.

It’s machine quilted in a pretty, whimsical pattern, and bound by some leftover purple I had from doing all the blocks. I named it Kaleidoscope because it reminds me of the fractal patterns you get when you use a kaleidoscope.

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