Baby Quilt for a friend!

Everyone has that stage in their lives where all their friends are getting married and/or getting pregnant all at once, right? It’s like a bug that goes around and bites people and they just all start falling one by one. Well, my best friend from college recently had a baby, and so I made her a quilt for the little one. She asked for pink and green, and as I do fairly often, I found something perfect at Connecting Threads. I designed the quilt myself (read: decided on HST and just went with what I thought would look good).

I think it turned out really well! So well, in fact, that I didn’t feel guilty not giving it to her until her little one was almost 5 months old! To be fair, that’s what you get when you live in Virginia and your college friend is still up in Michigan.

It’s super soft and when I went back to visit, baby was all cuddled up with it in her bed. It was the first time I saw one of my quilts actually being used, and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside, haha.

Anyways, I’m really excited because I just dropped off a couple of my finished quilt tops with the quilter, so hopefully soon I’ll have a Halloween quilt, another baby quilt, a block of the month, and a wall hanging done! Yay!

9 Patch and Fence Rails Quilt

So I’ve been desperately trying to practice my photography skills. Especially since I’ve been thinking of opening up an Etsy shop, and one of the biggest things they say can influence buyers are the photographs.

Well, spoiler alert: I suck at it still. BUT! I’m getting better! Relatively. Kinda.


Still not great. And I kinda like the angle of the quilt on top. It’s a little softer. But that was also before the top was quilted, so… I don’t know. I’m working on it, okay?! Still, I love the colors in this quilt, and I will continue to use it to refine my photography skills. I don’t have to be a master, but I do want to be good enough so my quilts look as good on the computer as they do in real life.

One thing I learned is that you have to take a LOT of photos. Like… 100+ photos. I’m still not there; I’m lucky if I get over 10. Part of that problem is that I make my husband come out with me and I’m worried about wearing out my “welcome” as well as his arms get tired. I really need to get a different way to display them.

Maybe someday I’ll put together a post about photography tips (not from me, from others!) for photographing quilts. But otherwise, enjoy your weekend!

Kaleidoscope Quilt

Here’s a quilt I made from another kit I picked up from Connecting Threads. No particular reason for it except that I absolutely LOVE this fabric. It is so vibrant and colorful! It was a great project to work on over the winter months. This quilt actually happened during last winter’s huge snowfall down in Virginia, when we got anywhere between 18 and 24 inches of snow.


I’m so happy to finally have it done. It was probably the most intensive quilt I’ve done so far, if only because of all the piecing the quilt required. It was the longest yet I’ve spent on a quilt as far as time goes, simply because of all that I had to do!

Surprisingly, however, most of the quilt fit together quite nicely, so that was a pleasant surprise! There was only one part, one of the borders, that turned out to be about half an inch/three quarters of an inch too short. Of course it was the VERY LAST THING I had to put on the quilt before sending it off to be quilted. But I made it work, and now you can hardly tell.

I really, REALLY love this quilt. Originally I made it to try and maybe sell on Etsy, but now I’m not sure I can! To be fair, this happens with almost every quilt I make. I finish making it, and I’m all “Oooh, but I really like this quilt… maybe I’ll keep it.” And then my husband just gives me a look. And I sigh. Maybe nobody will buy it, and then I can just say I tried and keep it anyways.

It’s machine quilted in a pretty, whimsical pattern, and bound by some leftover purple I had from doing all the blocks. I named it Kaleidoscope because it reminds me of the fractal patterns you get when you use a kaleidoscope.

A quilty gift!

My husband’s best friend from college got married over the fourth of July, so we decided that rather than buying her a blender, I’d make her a quilt instead. So, I searched and Connecting Threads, and finally found this (kinda) little beauty over at CT. I’m a huge fan of CT because their prices are very reasonable and the quality of the fabric is pretty awesome for the price.

Anyways, it was a full-size quilt (mostly) and for some reason, I really struggled to get it together. Not for any skill related reason, but simply because when I sat down to quilt I just never wanted to quilt it. It was a mental block, I think, most likely because by this point Dan had left Charlottesville to head to Cleveland for his law internship, I was home alone with the kiddo, it was the last two weeks of school, and I was just tired all the time.

But, once I joined Dan up in Cleveland, and once school finished, I found that I once again had the energy to quilt, and the quilt came together quite quickly. Plus, once I got past my mental block, I absolutely fell in love with the quilt. I sent it out to be quilted and chose a simple swirl stitch, but the quilter was wonderful and put some little flowers in the center of the nine-patch blocks to match the flower theme of the quilt, which I absolutely adore!

Anyways, enough talking, here’s the rest of the pictures!

I’ve been practicing my photo skills, and as an added bonus the apartment we are sub-leasing for the summer has fantastic natural lighting. But yeah! I really enjoyed how these photos turned out. Hopefully you do to!