Baby Quilts… Baby Quilts Everywhere! (And a free pattern!)

Lattice-style baby quilt!

Lattice-style baby quilt!

Yay! It’s Thursday! You know what that means, right? It’s almost Friday! I’m excited for Monday- it’s Memorial day, so be sure to thank the veterans in your life for their service to not only our country but to you. My whole family has the day off, so I think I will try to talk my husband, Dan, into going to the park with my son. We can have a picnic!

I’ve been on a baby quilt kick lately… I’ve designed about 5 different baby quilts in the last week alone. Most of the quilts are super friendly towards pre-cut fabrics- either layer cakes, charm packs, or jelly rolls will get you where you need to be with only a little help from some additional fabric.

Those are my favorite baby quilts to make. They’re quick and easy (and by quick and easy, I mean they might only take me a weekend to put together versus a month or more) so I won’t care that baby vom and other fluids will more than likely make their way onto the quilts.

Quick and easy baby quilt

Quick and easy baby quilt

But I also have an offering! I’ve made up a free pattern for one of the quilts I have designed. This one is charm pack friendly, or even layer cake friendly (if you want to cut your 10” squares into four 5” ones), and quick and easy to put together. It’s a great baby quilt for a beginner who wants to make their first baby quilt!

The pattern for the quilt to the left is available for free to download on the new pattern page.

I plan to create patterns for all the baby quilts I make. Most of them will be free. I got my start quilting using free patterns; I want to help new quilters like those patterns helped me months ago (has it only been months?!) I will try to get up the free pattern for the lattice baby quilt (and that one will be free) sometime this weekend.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

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