Fractured Panel Quilt

For years, I refused to get on Pinterest. What could possibly be so great about seeing projects that I would never have time to make? It always seemed so easy, and then you realized you would have to go spend $20-$30 on supplies since I had nothing lying around the house, and at that point, I should probably just buy it already made. Plus, I would just wind up yearning for things I had no reason to have. Like adorable little lamps made from clear cups, a string of white lights, and fabric.

But then I started quilting. And somehow found my way on to the site to look up quilt ideas. Ever since then, I have been absolutely hooked. Well, I found a really cool fractured panel pattern on there which had been pinned from the Love to Sew website.


Crane panel from seller Shiboridragon on

A few days later, I was on etsy and I found some fantastic asian-themed fabric and a beautiful pattern. I couldn’t NOT get it! Especially since I had a particular pattern in mind that I could use it for.

I ended up buying the pattern and two of the fat quarter packs. I picked out some fabrics from both of the packs as the border fabrics for the quilt.

It took a huge leap of faith for me to cut up the panel. It was such a gorgeous panel, I was really worried that I was going to go for it and it would look AWFUL or just not work out some other way. But you know what? My faith was rewarded. After much work, it all came together!

Fractured Panel Quilt!

Fractured Panel Quilt!

The corners took me FOREVER. Seriously. They were tricky because the pattern only showed me how to piece one corner together. The other three I had to flip them all sideways or upside down. It also wasn’t easy because of how the corner borders wove in and out of each other; it meant that the colors were never the same. But the order in which they were put together was super important because the 1/4” seams meant that until two pieces were put together, they wouldnt’ fit next to the third, etc.

Can I just say I will be extremely excited to upgrade my phone to a better camera? This is all I have right now and I really don’t like the way it captures my quilts. The colors are ALL wrong. I need to take them out when it’s sunny and try again. Too bad we’re supposed to get four days of rain.

Happy sewing shenanigans! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

One thought on “Fractured Panel Quilt

  1. thimblepie2012 says:

    I have heard of fractured quilts and ignored the concept as way too silly, taking a panel and making it into more? Then I saw a challenge at the Boise Basin Quilter show this fall, many interpretations of the same panel, and I fell in love. I decided to stop scoffing and try it. Your post added to my intention, thanks for the inspiration.


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