HST… And baby quilts! (Yes, more!)

In case you haven’t heard, last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. And apparently, lots of fabric sites have huge deals that weekend. Soooooo I may have stocked up on enough fabric to make 4 or 5 darling baby quilts on Craftsy. One of my more exciting acquisitions was a few charm packs of Riley Blake Wildflower Meadow fabric. I was so excited for these fabrics that I went and designed a few more baby quilts! I almost had to; I can use the same fabric but I hate doing the same pattern.


9969_Riley-Blake-Wildflower-Meadow-5-inch-Stacker-14218094476599323_-1421890744501 Pictures courtesy of Craftsy.com

So what are these fabrics going to be turned into, you may ask? Well, wonder no more! Here are a couple more baby quilt designs I made on EQ7 today during my lunch break. Baby Quilt #2This one won’t work with the charm packs up top, but I also bought a layer cake of Kansas Safari Playground fabric (great for a little who loves animals, and not as girly as most fabrics you see out there), and this design will be absolutely perfect to use up one layer cake. My problem is now I have to work on getting the white fabric for the sashing in between the squares. I’ve also never done the rows on a diagonal like this quilt displays, so it will definitely be a learning experience for me!

The second quilt design favors Baby Quilt #1HST (half square triangles). Dan thinks the coloring on this one is too busy, but for some reason I really enjoy the blue and the gold/yellow working together. I’m not getting that particular fabric though, so it will probably turn out more pink/light blue themed due to the charm packs I mentioned above.

But, after I created this quilt with the HST, I really liked the look of it so I decided to play around a little bit and see if I could make something a little more adult themed.

And that is when my favorite quilt I’ve made in EQ7 so far was born. Take a look!Heartbeat Not only did I design this in EQ7, but I managed to find the same fabric online, and for an absolute steal. So, of course, I had to buy it.  This quilt will be much, much larger than the baby quilt; I bought a couple of layer cakes for this quilt, so its final measurements will be along the lines of 80” x 80”. I’m tempted to add a border to it to bring it up to a queen-sized quilt. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Video Game Quilt Design – Minecraft!

One of my hobbies has always been video games. My passion started when I was in elementary school. It has continued to the present day- and I must say, I was pretty excited when I figured out that my love of video games and my love of quilting could coincide. For the last week or so I have been working on designing a Minecraft-themed quilt; I don’t know if this one will ever come to fruition, mostly because of all the different Kona colors I would need. It would be crazy.

Finished size is 52'' x 52''

Finished size is 52” x 52”

This quilt is also a little bit tricky because for some of the blocks you can get away with 2” squares and some blocks are going to have to be 1” squares, which can definitely mess with you if you aren’t careful. Total block size is 16”. Luckily, there are far more 2” square blocks than 1”. Is it possible to make this quilt entirely with blocks made from 2” squares? Yes. But I felt like I lost too much detail if I did that, and then it would seem like a cheap, badly done ripoff. Especially the TNT- there are four colors in the TNT in the game, and while I tried it with just two colors it lost much of the definition and looked wrong.

If I’m going to rip off a video game, I want to do it right, dangit!

The following blocks are created using 1” squares:

Diamond Sword block Dirt block TNT block

The rest of the blocks are done using 2” squares. I don’t have a close up of Steve (the human) or the pig- they got lost, unfortunately.

Lava block Enderman block Creeper block Cow block

The important thing with these blocks is the variety of colors used in them. Take the creeper, for instance. If I were to use just one shade of green for it, it would still look like a creeper, but it wouldn’t be nearly as authentic. Take a look at what I mean:

Creeper Block #2 Creeper block

You can tell what they are, but which one looks more like the real in-game monster? The same goes for the other blocks. The only one I somewhat cheated on was the pig, and that was because EQ7 just didn’t have the colors I needed- it would have looked a lot worse. If I were to ever make this into a quilt, I would definitely add some shading to the pig to have it more closely resemble the pig in the game.

The inside sashing was added to help separate the blocks a little bit, but when I originally made it I didn’t have the sashing and it looked just fine. That’s totally up to the quilter.

Anyways, congrats on getting through most of the week! Two days left!

Baby Quilts… Baby Quilts Everywhere! (And a free pattern!)

Lattice-style baby quilt!

Lattice-style baby quilt!

Yay! It’s Thursday! You know what that means, right? It’s almost Friday! I’m excited for Monday- it’s Memorial day, so be sure to thank the veterans in your life for their service to not only our country but to you. My whole family has the day off, so I think I will try to talk my husband, Dan, into going to the park with my son. We can have a picnic!

I’ve been on a baby quilt kick lately… I’ve designed about 5 different baby quilts in the last week alone. Most of the quilts are super friendly towards pre-cut fabrics- either layer cakes, charm packs, or jelly rolls will get you where you need to be with only a little help from some additional fabric.

Those are my favorite baby quilts to make. They’re quick and easy (and by quick and easy, I mean they might only take me a weekend to put together versus a month or more) so I won’t care that baby vom and other fluids will more than likely make their way onto the quilts.

Quick and easy baby quilt

Quick and easy baby quilt

But I also have an offering! I’ve made up a free pattern for one of the quilts I have designed. This one is charm pack friendly, or even layer cake friendly (if you want to cut your 10” squares into four 5” ones), and quick and easy to put together. It’s a great baby quilt for a beginner who wants to make their first baby quilt!

The pattern for the quilt to the left is available for free to download on the new pattern page.

I plan to create patterns for all the baby quilts I make. Most of them will be free. I got my start quilting using free patterns; I want to help new quilters like those patterns helped me months ago (has it only been months?!) I will try to get up the free pattern for the lattice baby quilt (and that one will be free) sometime this weekend.

Enjoy your three day weekend!

Trying out Electric Quilt 7… Look what I made!

For my birthday, one of my gifts from my mom (thanks mom!) was a digital copy of Electric Quilt 7. I’ve been playing around with it for a week or so now, and there are things I like and I don’t like- but I’m going to save an official review of it for when I’ve gotten a little more familiar with the features and the tools available. So far, however, I’ve been having a grand ol’ time coming up with some crazy/fun (or just crazy fun) designs.

Disappearing 9-patchFirst one I came up with was a disappearing 9-patch. I wanted to play around with it- I had a layer cake that was itching to be made into something fun. The pattern to the right is what I came up with. I love the vibrancy of all the colors!

The blocks are 6”, making the finished quilt size about 48”x48”. This would be super fun to do with a charm pack. But I had a layer cake, and I decided that rather than cutting the 10” squares into four 5” squares, I would just make a larger version of the pattern. I did that because the fabric was just so pretty, and I wanted to give it a chance to really pop. That, and because I wanted to see what it would look like with larger squares, not quite so busy?

I have to say, I am very pleased with the result. I’m still on the edge about whether I should have cut them down to 5” square size or not. I’ll get the comparison up as soon as we have some sunny weather for a good picture or two.

TetrisThe other quilt I designed was a nod back to my earliest video game days. Tetris was the very first video game I ever played. I got it for the game boy pocket edition- I think my parents thoughts were that if they let me have the handheld gaming system, I wouldn’t want the consoles. (They were wrong.)

I call it Homage du Tetris.

Yeah… not as cool as it sounded in my head. Sorry.

Happy sewing shenanigans!

Fractured Panel Quilt

For years, I refused to get on Pinterest. What could possibly be so great about seeing projects that I would never have time to make? It always seemed so easy, and then you realized you would have to go spend $20-$30 on supplies since I had nothing lying around the house, and at that point, I should probably just buy it already made. Plus, I would just wind up yearning for things I had no reason to have. Like adorable little lamps made from clear cups, a string of white lights, and fabric.

But then I started quilting. And somehow found my way on to the site to look up quilt ideas. Ever since then, I have been absolutely hooked. Well, I found a really cool fractured panel pattern on there which had been pinned from the Love to Sew website.


Crane panel from seller Shiboridragon on Etsy.com

A few days later, I was on etsy and I found some fantastic asian-themed fabric and a beautiful pattern. I couldn’t NOT get it! Especially since I had a particular pattern in mind that I could use it for.

I ended up buying the pattern and two of the fat quarter packs. I picked out some fabrics from both of the packs as the border fabrics for the quilt.

It took a huge leap of faith for me to cut up the panel. It was such a gorgeous panel, I was really worried that I was going to go for it and it would look AWFUL or just not work out some other way. But you know what? My faith was rewarded. After much work, it all came together!

Fractured Panel Quilt!

Fractured Panel Quilt!

The corners took me FOREVER. Seriously. They were tricky because the pattern only showed me how to piece one corner together. The other three I had to flip them all sideways or upside down. It also wasn’t easy because of how the corner borders wove in and out of each other; it meant that the colors were never the same. But the order in which they were put together was super important because the 1/4” seams meant that until two pieces were put together, they wouldnt’ fit next to the third, etc.

Can I just say I will be extremely excited to upgrade my phone to a better camera? This is all I have right now and I really don’t like the way it captures my quilts. The colors are ALL wrong. I need to take them out when it’s sunny and try again. Too bad we’re supposed to get four days of rain.

Happy sewing shenanigans! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


You may have noticed the adorable logo on the top of my website; I am proud to say that a friend of mine, Dustin O’Connor, has made it for me! He is an artist of considerable talent. If you ever need anything made, be sure to look him up!

IMAG1555I just picked up a couple of fat quarters from my local quilt shop, and I am trying to decide what to do with them. Maybe a lunch bag? I don’t know. They are from moda’s new Ambleside collection by Brenda Riddle Designs- they are so cute! I can’t wait to use them!

Happy sewing shenanigans!


I don’t know what’s up with the title, but I wanted it Lemon themed and I am just not very original or clever.

This will be my very first blog post on this quilting blog! I’m hoping to post patterns and quilts here as I work and complete them. For the first few the photo quality is going to be pretty bad but hopefully when my contract is up for renewal in June I will be able to get a much more powerful camera (my phone- and camera- is currently 4 years old).

I’m also hoping to become much better at HTML so I can customize this site a little bit more!

Before I leave, here is one quilt I have recently finished the top of (I have yet to baste and quilt it, however!) It was a kit from my local shop, but I LOVED the colors of the batik fabrics so much I couldn’t say no!

Plus Batik QuiltHappy sewing shenanigans! See you soon, hopefully!